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    April E.

    We are looking at the possibility of developing an in-house online security awareness training program for our employees. We currently contract out with a hosted solution, however, it is pricey. I was looking around on the web, found very few online training programs that were short. I think one I found was like a 10-hour course, and too long for employees.

    Additionally, we did not want to re-invent the wheel. So I was inquiring to find out if anyone has developed an in-house course that they would be willing to possibly share that we can drop into our learning management system.



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    Carmina Carper

    Hi April –

    DISA has a lot of great free online training that you can check out as you consider what to put together in your program. Not all of it is DoD-specific. Check out their site:

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    Wendy L. Frederick

    We have a course we developed in house. It is about an hour long and covers most of the basics. Some of it is specific to te Bureau but much of it is generic enough. I think you could modify it fairly easily although it includes narration which would need some changes if you changed the text. If you would like to see it send me your email and I’ll send a link. It is SCORM 1.2 compatible and runs on our Plateau LMS.

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    April E.

    That would be great. We are using Moodle LMS, so SCORM 1.2 is compatible. I will contact you off-line.

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    Pattie Buel

    April – We’ve got FISSA training as well that is SCORM compliant. Our Chief Learning Officer has been talking to the other CLOs about federalizing some of the courses (i.e., having one course that everyone uses for mandatory subjects) and that agencies could then develop a supplemental module if there were agency specific requirements on a subject.

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    April E.

    Two thumbs up!! I truly believe this saves time. Maybe Florida will get on board someday.

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