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    Henry Brown

    From Internet evolution:

    Democracy’s Biggest Cyberthreat May Not Be Malware

    There are many and varied cyberthreats afoot on the Internet, and the severity of their impact seemingly increases on a daily basis. But so far, their potential to provoke the collapse of democratized society in the Western world has been based on the possibility they could cause catastrophic failures in supply chains of goods and services.

    Could a cyberthreat, one that is in many ways subtle and intangible, be the online agent that ends society as we know it?

    According to Eugene Kaspersky, founder and CEO of cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, one of the five biggest cyberthreats facing the world isn’t a nefarious worm or virus. It’s the lack of effective online voting systems.

    “[T]he lack of well-established online voting systems is a real threat to democratic nations of the Western world,” Kaspersky said in a recent interview with the BBC. He stated that the generational divide between ever-more-digitized youth and their parents will increase to the point where “the whole democratic system could collapse” because “if there’s no online voting system, these kids won’t physically go anywhere to vote, they just won’t, they’ll refuse.”

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    Corey McCarren

    I would argue that Kaspersky is looking at it all wrong (at least from the quote you’ve provided). Lethargy to the point that people won’t get off of the computer to vote is the problem itself, online voting would just be covering up one of the symptoms. If we NEED to create online voting in order to motivate the younger generation to vote, democracy is already lost.

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    Henry Brown

    sorta agree with you BUT… the more execuses we remove (with reasonable controls) there is a chance that the percentage of participation will go up…

    Have already seen this with the extended early-voting and easier registration.

    The problem with online voting, as I see it, is identity management but…

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    Corey McCarren

    I’m certainly for making the process easier and more streamlined, and if that means online voting I’m all for it. My concern is that online voting shouldn’t be the result of people simply not caring about using their right to vote, but an effort by government to streamline and improve processes.

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    William Lim

    Making the process of voting easier is great, but Kaspersky’s hyperbole risks missing the bigger picture. We must do a better job of teaching all citizens from a very early age why in a democracy voting matters and how precious the right to vote is. People have fought and died for it here and elsewhere. I remember casting my first ballot in 1988 in the Weekly Reader’s Presidential Election for Kids in grade school. I remember how excited I was to have the opportunity to vote, even if it was just the Weekly Reader, especially since I was obviously too young and also not a naturalized citizen yet. Do kids even have Weekly Reader anymore? Once you truly appreciate the importance of voting, standing in line for 20 minutes at the polling place no longer seems like such a big deal.

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