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    Open Data Ajay Budhraja – Open Data drives innovation and encourages the the development of new products. This data should be made available in a standard manner so that developers can utilize it effectively. Open Data strategy should define the specific requirements of what data will be made available and opening it up effectively to the public and these efforts have had a tremendous impact on the effective utilization of the data. The data should also be available to reuse from a licensing perspective.

    Cloud is a great solution to store this data and Cloud has had tremendous impact on moving organizations to utility based computing and with rapid deployments and quick availability of scalable services, Cloud can enhance productivity by providing the infrastructure or application platforms expeditiously. As existing applications are being transitioned to the Cloud, there is an increased focus on ensuring these services can effectively interact with existing services to develop comprehensive enterprise applications.

    In addition, has thousands of data sets that can be searched and utilized to build web and mobile applications that can provide great value to users in areas such as climate, public safety, education, finance etc.

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