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    Candace Riddle

    I was just cruising around I found a lot of information about current issues and the administration. However, what I did not find was contact information for the various committees who were dealing with the listed issues.

    Yes, there was an email form if you had “positive” stories to submit about healthcare reform….but what if you wanted to voice a concern or a need for future changes?

    I’m a Gov 2.0 guru, so I linked out to the White House’s Facebook page. I was actually surprised to see that the White House Facebook page does not allow someone to leave comments. Essentially there are really no feeds on the page, just links back to I found this very surprising given that the U.S. Department of State allows comments, and constantly has new information posting to their Facebook page.

    So, BRAVO Department of State….but White House….are you really open?

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