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    Henry Brown

    NOT sure where the line should be drawn…

    Suspect this MIGHT be some further backlash from the Bell City government pay issues …

    If county employees are now being pushed into the open government bucket, can others be far behind. …

    From LA times

    Some of California’s largest counties — including Los Angeles — could be forced to reveal the names and retirement benefits of tens of thousands of public employees under an appeals court ruling.

    The ruling, issued last week by the 3rd District Court of Appeal, marks the first time an appeals court has ordered the pension information released and came despite arguments from county officials and labor unions that it would violate the privacy of local government employees across the state.

    Advocates contend the public has a right to know what it’s paying and should have the ability to investigate whether individual workers are engaging in such practices as salary spiking to fatten their retirement pay.

    In the wake of the ruling, Ventura County’s retirement board agreed Monday to release the names and pension benefits of county retirees there.

    The ruling ordered the Sacramento County pension system to hand over the names and pension pay for 8,500 retirees. Labor has fought for years to keep the information confidential.

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