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    Steve Ressler

    Did people see this? Thoughts?

    City Announces First-In-Nation Open Source Software Policy for City Government

    City Announces First-In-Nation Open Source Software Policy for City GovernmentChief Technology Officer for State of California Applauds City Efforts

    01/22/10 – Today, Mayor Newsom and Supervisor David Chiu announced the nation’s first open source software policyfor city government, building on President Obama’s call for more open and transparent government. The new policy requires city departments to consider open source software equally with commercial products when purchasing new software over $100,000.

    “Open source software is created by the people for the people and as such is ideal for government,” said Mayor Gavin Newsom. “Our new Open Source policy has the potential to save the City millions in software costs while fundamentally changing the way government operates.” Read more

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    AJ Malik

    SF seems to be always on the leading edge for e-Gov amenities. Examples include: 311 integration with Twitter; DataSF – central clearinghouse for published SF datasets; DataSF App Showcase (e.g. Crimespotting); and RecoverySF – central clearinghouse for ARRA related information. I suspect it is due to Mayor Newsom’s progressive leadership, perhaps a sign of effective Gen X leadership. I, for one, applaud Mayor Newsom’s open source software Gov policy because it recognizes the organizational benefits of open source software with respect to reliability, stability, auditability, cost, flexibility/freedom, and support/accountability.

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    Steve Ressler

    Pretty impressive…it can’t hurt that San Fran is in the heart of tech scene too…

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