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    Cindy Lou Baker

    I read this series (except for the last one or two!) and thought it was very well researched. Having grown up in a church, I learned alot that seemed to correspond with the LeHaye/Jenkins idea. Although most of my friends see Christianity as a farce, my imagination was fired up about how and why things happen to people and “What if?”

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    Rich Mariner

    They were a fun read. But even as a Christians there are differences in interpretation as it comes the end. I say that as a Catholic.


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    Cindy Lou Baker

    Hi Rich. Whew, guess I’ve been busy. Thanks for responding. cb

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    Amanda Blount

    I loved the books! I read the entire series. I have read a huge amount of books from various religions, and these were some of my favorites. You should watch the movies also. They are pretty good. There are many ways to interpret almost any religion. That is one reason why where so many branches of the same religions. I love to study religions. All religions. In fact, I need to find a new book. I haven’t read one recently.

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    Cindy Lou Baker

    I have two of the movies. Love Kirk Cameron. Have you seen what he’s up to? I thought this was cool.

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