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    “Changing the Face of Government”! It would be interesting to see a book coming out of this topic! What needs to be reformed? I am sure, recruitment, hiring and selection process need to be reformed if organizations are serious in recruiting and retaining of the best and the brightest candidates and high performing government employees! Is that the leadership problem when high performers cannot rise above their current position? What are the bottlenecks? What is working and is not working, organizational-wide! Why the talent pool is not in the succession pipeline?

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    Paul Wolf

    At the local government level hiring for high level positions which are typically exempt from civil service requirements needs to be based on talent and not politics. Typically a newly elected Mayor or County Executive relies on a political party machine to get elected.

    Every newly elected Mayor/County Executive forms a Transition Committee to seek out the best and the brightest folks who surprise turn out to be people who donated money, got petition signatures and worked phone banks for political party candidates.

    When top level positions are filled based on politics and not qualifications the poor leadership that results infects the whole system.

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