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    People management and financial management go hand-in-hand and are critical in today’s workplace environment. As I think about how to cut compensation costs and improve strategic business decisions and operations by making the organization flatter, organizational change comes to mind. Combine the HR folks and the CFO folks under one leadership who will report directly to the CEO or agency head. This would help HR to have the voice at the leadership table for achieving strategic talent business decisions. IT & EEO should have already reported to the CEO or agency head. Your thoughts?

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    David B. Grinberg

    That’s a very intriguing idea, Phuong. I’d like to hear what program managers of these offices have to say about it.

    Cutting red tape, bureaucracy, functional overlap and streamlining gov operations is something that not only the public wants, but today’s climate of fiscal austerity demands.

    Kudos for putting forth such a bold idea for discussion. I encourage others to share their views.

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