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    Steve Ressler

    I always loved that series “Overheard on the metro” where people wrote in weird things they overheard on the metro or subway.

    So let’s start that on GovLoop…”overheard in the office”
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    Steve Ressler

    My buddy texted me this yesterday

    Random govloop mention at B Bar Borgata, word! Overhears a guy say to this girl “ever hear of govloop? I just joined today. It’s sorta like facebook for government”

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    Dawn Lautwein

    I’m not so sure those weren’t the exact words I used to describe it to a co-worker – sorry! Most posts are of far greater value than I get on Facebook, but there are some resemblances.

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    Steve Ressler

    That was you?…that’s awesome. My friend texted me that overheard the conversation and was excited 🙂

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