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    Elliot Volkman

    I was just curious what your thoughts were on the announcement that Panetta may be taking over for Gates.

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    Stephanie Slade

    Really confused. Not about the choice of Panetta per se, but about the idea that Patreus might be leaving DOD to take over at the CIA. Seems an odd move by Obama to me.

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    Pamela Corey

    Why doesn’t Patreus take over for Gates and leave Panetta at CIA?

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    Peter Sperry

    1. Panetta — Good man whose military and foriegn policy expertise is generally well respected across the political spectrum. Conservatives have less regard for his domestic policy views but that will not be a major issue at DOD.

    2. Patreus to CIA, an ok move but it would be interesting to see what a career spook who grew up in the agency could do with CIA. Federal personnel regs allow SESers to fill politically appointed positions without losing their career status. This would be a good time to choose an appointee from the ranks of CIA career employees.

    [email protected] — I believe there is a 10 year “cooling off” period required between when a general retires and when they can be appointed DOD Secretary. Someone in the 60s watched “7 Days in May” once too often and got paranoid.

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