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    Misty Nichols

    We are completing our Texas CPM (certified public manager) final and conducting a study of the benefits of part time employees (someone working less than 40 hours per week). Would you be interested in participating and sharing your ideas. If you have employees that fall in this category, would you mind completing a short survey as well as a survey of your employees. After we will share our findings with you as to what we learned.

    If you are a part time employee yourself, we’d like your feedback too! Let us know your thoughts, and if you would be willing to also complete a short survey.

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    Steve Ressler

    Part time employees generally? Or has to be part time govt worker?

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    Misty Nichols

    Part time government workers.

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    Terrence Hill

    I’m not a part-time employee, but I know that TSA recently agreed to pay the full cost for health benefits for their part-time employees. They have a lot of part-time employees because of the schedules of flights! Usually, part-time employees only receive a pro-rata portion of the government’s share. This is a great benefit for part-time employees. Often times, the government only really needs part-time employees and can save money by not paying for full-time employees.

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    Hi Misty – Do you happen to have a link to the survey? Or maybe you could upload it here, people could download it and send it to you…

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