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    Adriel Hampton

    Since blog posts don’t bump to the top with new comments, I’m moving this post from Andrea Baker to the discussion forum. How ’bout it?

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    Amy Bell

    An oldie but a goodie, apparently… I thought the member numbers were a typo until I saw the blog date!

    About LinkedIN, it’s terrible, but I don’t even have a profile there. I suppose I should… ?
    I’m curious: Anyone want to share a story about the invaluability of their LinkedIN profile? I suppose a place to collect recommendations would be useful enough, eh?

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    Adriel Hampton

    I was recently recommended for a speaking gig, and it was clear that the organizer first checked me out on LinkedIn before extending an invite. There are plenty of professionals using LI as their primary social networking tool, so even though it can seem stale compared to something like Twitter, I wouldn’t give it up.
    A good way for GovLoopers to connect on LI is for folks to join the GovLoop group there (more than 1,000 members), which then makes it easier to establish the “1st level” connection.

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    Thanks for moving this to the discussion forum, Adriel. This is one of my current top priorities – how we better integrate what we are doing here with LinkedIn. The idea to recommend other GovLoopers on LinkedIn is great…I’d also like to take that a step further and have people review their government connections here and recommend GovLoop to people who are not yet members here!

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    I know this is not exactly what you’re doing here, but I’d like to recommend that you make a connection with Sam Allgood. He’s active, engaging, and knowledgeable on various social media platforms. In fact, he’s the only person I’m connected to on all four: GovLoop, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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    Sam Allgood

    Thanks for the recommendation, Jay, but he beat you to the punch … Adriel and I connected on LinkedIn this morning.

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    Adriel Hampton

    Ba da bing!

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    Sam Allgood

    I have only done 1 LinkedIn recommendation quite a while ago, so attempted to do so and ran into a significant question. When I go to your profile and click on Recommend this person, I am presented with several options:

    # Colleague: You’ve worked with Adriel at the same company
    # Service Provider: You’ve hired Adriel to provide a service for you or your company
    # Business Partner: You’ve worked with Adriel, but not as a client or colleague
    # Student: You were at school when Adriel was there, as a fellow student or teacher.

    None of these apply … I only know you through GovLoop interaction. Even with Jay, with whom interaction has been much more personal, none of the options apply.

    Any thoughts on best practice?

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    Andrea Baker

    Wow, thanks for the bump. It is a good time of year to be thankful of everyone I have worked with in the past year and I will surely be doing so in strong recommendations.

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    Adriel Hampton

    For folks I want to recommend but have a looser connection with, I use “business partner” (which will show the tag “worked with,” not exclusive of non-monetary collaboration) and am clear about why I am recommending them, sometimes just for their network value and willingness to help.

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    Okay, for the record, my post wasn’t just for Adriel’s benefit! Also, Adriel, I liked your rationale behind and explanation for using “business partner” for a variety of LinkedIn recommendations, including those who add value to social media.

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    Adam Arthur

    I’m for this way of thinking as well, Adriel. However, some people like to keep it to “I’ve worked with you and I can recommend you personally”. For example- Jeffrey Levy. He and I have collaborated, worked on a project of mine outside GovLoop, commented back and forth, so on and so forth; but, he is not comfortable quite yet with becoming my LinkedIn connection. I told him that I totally respect that and that after he gets to know me, hopefully he can accept my invite. Good with me, and good for him. 🙂

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    Adriel Hampton

    For sure. Everybody uses their networks their own way. I’m not a LION, for example.

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    Mark Boelte

    Recommendations on LinkedIn are supposed to be from people who know you and have had direct collaboration with. Recommending people you know only from social websites will make the entire recommendation process meaningless.

    Recommend people you have worked with, or gone to school with. Otherwise, just connect with them.

    I would hate to see these meaningless and facetious Recommendations dilute the usefulness of this feature on LinkedIn.

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    Amy Bell

    It sounds like LinkedIN needs to see this conversation. Maybe someone on their end could add the “Virtual Collaborator” option for Recommendations. That would allow for a broader range of recommendations that reflects current practices, but still allows people who don’t value that to disregard…

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