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    How important is profile information to those of you who hire people? Such as, the information that is voluntary, regarding ethnic association or race, disability, etc. If not provided, does it matter in any decision as to interview the applicant?

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    AJ Malik

    Perhaps voluntary profile information is used by some (not all) to screen applicants, despite being unethical and even illegal. Diversity in the workplace is not everyone’s priority nor preference and is not easy to accomplish.

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    Steve Ressler

    It shouldn’t play a role except in clear places like service disabled vets which get preference

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    AJ Malik

    In theory it should not play a role, in reality it probably does (not everywhere), something that is almost impossible to detect nor enforce.

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    I simply refuse to provide such information. If an employer is using it to screen applicants then it can only be used against me, and I would not likely want to work for that employer anyway. They would expect me to likewise discriminate against people, or give people preferences, based on race, etc. Else, without such information, an employer must make hiring decisions based on experience, attitude, and education – which is what they should be doing anyway.

    People’s true diversity comes from their being individuals, though these traits don’t necessarily lend themselves toward easy accounting (assuming one needs to keep records).

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    When I was young and dumb, I actually thought that the information provided was used for reporting/research etc. Now we all know that the information doesn’t go past the HR department and is just included based on old “templates” for applications. I do not include it because it is not relevant to the hiring process (well, it shouldn’t be). No one is using this data for anything other than discrimination if they use it at all.

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    AJ Malik

    I agree. Let them discriminate against you, in person, at (or after) the interview, rather than during the pre-screening process. You can counter with your professional experience, accomplishments, aptitude, personality, etc. A more even match.

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