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    Shannon Kennedy

    Let’s face it, saving money is a big deal. People have all kinds of methods when it comes to making sure that they have money in the bank. Sometimes when money gets tight, we have to make some changes…like this.

    Hope you enjoy your GEICO Friday Fun Video! Have a great weekend folks!


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    Kevin Dubs

    I’ve been tracking my spending for a while but am now actually paying attention to the totals. I’m going to set up a personal challenge and track this month’s spending to see how little I can spend. Then I’m going to make this month’s total a stretch goal for future months.

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    I am always careful with money, but for the past couple of years I’ve been especially careful.

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    John Sim

    I try not to carry cash. This keeps me from spending on those little things that, by year end, add up. Things like snacks I really don’t need to eat, a magazine I’ll probably flip through only once or twice, or that cup if Starbucks.

    A good suggestion I heard, for those of you who do carry cash: carry a hundred dollar bill. You won’t feel the pain of using that 5 or 10 or even 20 dollar bill, but something about having to break that Benjamin will hurt like heck and make you pause long enough to make a wise/er spending decision.

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    I’ve stop sending as much to the dry cleaners. A lot of business attire can be washed-n-lightly ironed. I find myself doing that more.

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    Stephanie Slade

    Great video!

    And to answer your question, I’m trying a new philosophy on clothes shopping: buy fewer, higher-quality items that can be worn over and over. I used to be an extreme bargain hunter, never spending money on things that weren’t on clearance or even second-hand. I think this caused me to feel the need to replace things more frequently, which ends up costing more in the end. Hence, the change.

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