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    Doris Tirone

    Be smart … just say “No”!

    According to John P. Mahoney, a partner and chair of the Labor and Employment Law Practice Group at Tully Rinckey PLLC, the recent GSA scandal has agency supervisors on the lookout now for anyone who wastes tax dollars. “Employees who leave work early before a holiday weekend are easy targets.”

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    Terrence Hill

    If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one to hear it…. I’m just saying that it is a common practice for understanding supervisors to let their employee leave a little early. What’s the harm? We shouldn’t let the legal eagles stop us from treating people humanely and showing a little compassion.

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    William Lim

    Legal eagles want to go home early, too!

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    Jeff S

    Yesterday my vanpool provider informed all its riders (5 vans) that their vans would not be commuting to DC on Friday. Apparently, all 60 plus people who ride are either teleworking or taking leave on the Friday before a Federal Holiday. Of course many people have decided to make Thursday the new Friday so slow boat south on 95 today I am sure

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