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    Barry Everett

    February 5, 2010: OpenEPA
    is LIVE! >>>
    <<< #OpenGov #OpenEPA

    As OpenGov moves out of the safe area of discussions within groups of us (that basically agree with each other) and into the harsh light of the more public forum, the road ahead gets strewn with rocks, roadblocks and attempts to divert attention away from the thoughtful discourse we all cherish.

    The first phase, completed last week was the Brainstorming phase. While that effort garnered very good attention and many good ideas, it also attracted the attention of those whose political slant seems more appropriate on the ‘rant’ blogs that are so prolific. That trend has continued in the Discussion: Transparency Principals phase, where the single thread commenting structure allows the off-topic slamming of politically motivated agendas, rather than the discussion of the questions put before the venue by the OpenGov organization in the Office of the President.

    OpenGov21 asks all members of GovLoop to wade in to the fray, and make a case that our goals and principals can be taken to the public venue for reasonable discussion. While it is tempting to answer the off-topic and politically inspired comments, we have found that it is best that we NOT engage in these diversionary arguments, but gently re-direct the discussion to the principal and process of Transparency. We cannot do this without more voices from this group sharing in this discussion.

    Open Government Initiative Discussion Phase: Transparency Principles – Read This Background

    Transparency Principles – Discussion Here

    Transparency Governance – Discussion Here

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    Barry Everett

    The OpenGov Initiative is open for comments, and the website is being over-run by those who wish to derail the conversation. I’m curious why GovLoop members are not engaging this discussion. This is what we’ve all said we are working toward, but I see very few recognized comments from this group.

    Would we rather just go on having meetups, and talking among ourselves, or are we willing to engage this opprtunity for change?

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    I am not what your asking and language seems pushy?

    Please clarify.

    ALL the Best

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    Steve Ressler

    Barry – I added the category. Personally, I have not participated as much as in OMB Max as I find the directions not really clear about what I’m supposed to do, what they are soliciting, and the interface is confusing and clunky. But I’ll try to chime in more.

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    Barry Everett

    Take a look at the OSTP website where the OpenGov Discussion phase is proceeding. Links are in the main discussion text. Thanks

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    Barry Everett

    This is not in the restricted MAX system, but is THE public discussion of Transparency definitions, principals, and later other facets (Particpation, Collaboration) of the January 21st Open Government Directive. The links in the main body of the post go to the Office of the President – OSTP website that has been chosen for this phase of the public discussion. Since only a few of the many good government groups and concerned professionals seem to be contributing there, the buld of the public comments are off topic, and have been mostly attacking the OpenGov process.

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    Barry Everett

    OpenEPA is LIVE! >>> <<< #OpenGov #OpenEPA

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