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    If you are a Program Manager or Project Manager in the Government Contracting industry, this HR guide book is a MUST have if you perform ANY Human Resources tasking. This is a first of its kind GUIDEBOOK for Human Resource Professionals in the Government Contracting industry and will PROVE a major asset as a resource for the PM and their HR job taskings and responsibilities.

    This guidebook is the ‘first of its kind’ guide for the cross-over of the Human Resources career field into the Government Contracting industry in the United States. .

    Human resource practitioners in the government contracting industry are responsible for additional requirements, mandates, reports, legal compliance, and additional liability for ‘missteps’ in the industry, over and above what a non-government contractor company human resources practitioner would have as tasking and responsibilities.

    Government contracting can be an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ maze of bewildering and overwhelming set of mandates, requirements, Executive Orders, state and federal legislation. Where to turn?

    The author completed a dissertation in 2013 that identified a specific ‘delta’ of knowledge and information that human resource practitioners in the government contracting industry should have – above any knowledge, skills, or abilities of those human resource practitioners in non-government contracting companies. The topics range from contract-related employment law, executive orders, and government agency policies, in addition to added reporting mandates (to EEOC, DOL, etc.) required because the company is a government contractor.

    This book is the only resource available (to date) that provides a compendium of cross-related information between the field of human resources and the industry of government contracting.

    This book’s content explains why the additional knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as an understanding of the industry of government contracting, may be the most valuable and vital knowledge for the human resources practitioner who is either striving to get into the industry, or is on the career path for higher level management within a government contracting company.

    This book outlines and suggests multiple steps, tasks, and responsibilities that emphasize best-practice as a guide to enhancing the capabilities and the responsiveness via proactive and productive tasking and time management for the government contractor human resources practitioner.

    This book provides generalized guidance and practical framework around the administration of human resources functions inside the government contracting industry. Information about human resources and government contracting is organic and constantly changing from one presidential administration and congress to another and as agencies change their policies where rules and regulations are updated. As this book was being put together, new government contracting laws and regulations had been implemented or expanded under the Obama administration and started to change (again) under the new Trump administration.

    This handbook could not incorporate every law or subject related to a government contracting company’s human resources practitioner’s knowledge, skills, and abilities and legislation enacted over the last couple years. What has been included are foundational subjects from which the human resource practitioners can building a solid human resource program within a government contracting firm.

    This book should be used as a desk reference for all human resource practitioners, as well as project and program managers performing HR tasks, in the government contracting industry. This guide should be sitting right next to the copy of the FAR and other government contracting references and guides.

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