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    Posted @ 8/20/2010 4:34 AM By Sean Deuby
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    I’ve been pretty busy with conferences, vacation, and unexpected job status changes of late (my company, Platform Vision, rather suddenly shut down last week though the website’s there for now), so this blog’s been a bit stale. The good news is I have great content to share from the Cloud Identity Summit that everyone working in directory services needs to review. It will really help you understand why knowing how to work with identity in cloud computing will become a fundamental skill.

    First, I published an overview of the main themes of the Summit. During the course of the summit, I interviewed several people deeply involved in influencing how we will all securely logon to cloud applications in the future. Today I’m publishing a podcast I recorded with Brian Kissel, CEO of Janrain Software and Chairman of the Board for the OpenID Foundation. OpenID is the standard that’s being used when you attempt to logon to a website, and you see you can use your Facebook, Google, or several other identity providers instead of creating yet another userid and password.

    In this podcast, Brian talks about Janrain and how it simplifies connecting a company to the many social media sites now available (such as Universal Music’s Lady Gaga artist site allowing visitors to logon with their Facebook, Google, AOL, or Yahoo! accounts). Brian also gives us “OpenID 101” that describes what OpenID is all about, how popular it is, and how its use is exploding. Even if you won’t be using it right away, it’s a great primer for identity in the consumer cloud we’re already using today.

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