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    Brett White

    We currently use Granicus for our streaming video solution. It includes a video podcasting element that is automatic for everything we put through it. Streaming/podcasted events are limited to events and meetings that take place in our Council Chambers where our system is hardwired and ready to go.

    Our Council may soon direct us to explore capturing and podcasting audio from the rest of the board and commission meetings that do not take place in our Council Chambers. These meetings take place in various rooms and facilities throughout our City – non of which can connect to our Granicus system.

    We are not currently staffed to send CATV personnel to every board and commission meeting to professionally capture, edit and upload audio for podcasting. With over 15 different entities, it’s just not possible. I’m thinking the production of these podcasts will have to fall on the staff liaisons who service each of these board/commissions.

    Do any of you podcast meetings from de-centralized locations like this? If so, what processes, work flows and equipment do you have in place to accomplish this?


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