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    Should Federal Contractors have to reveal their political contributions in RFP responses as part of FAR?

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    Steve Ressler

    I wouldn’t think so – doesn’t seem relevant to the RFP

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    Peter G. Tuttle

    Absolutely not. The acquisition process can be “political” enough as it is without factoring in who a Contractor, or its officers and employees, donate to. This is pure….well, never mind. Cheers and have a great week.

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    Keith Moore

    For large prime contractors, this may be viable. Study the current SBA Jobs Act. This suggestion could be considered during the formal input process that is currently going on with SBA. Please advise if you need a contact.

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    Peter G. Tuttle

    Amen Doug. Well stated. Performance and not political leaning is the key. Pete

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    Charles A. Ray

    If we’re to have a system that is credible, political contributions should be included.

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    Peter Sperry

    I think the goal is more to identify which contractors will be rewarded or punished. It would be somewhat naive not to recognize that contrators who show list major contributions to the “wrong” political causes will recieve far less government business than those who support the “correct” political causes. If this goes through, will the next iteration include requiring applicants for career positions or for promotions within the career civil service to reveal their past political activities and contributions so the right people can be rewarded ant the wrong ones excluded?

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    Sterling Whitehead

    I oppose this for a different reason than others — it’s simply another piece of work that probably won’t be value-added. However, I really don’t believe that showing political contributions will dramatically undermine the procurement process.

    However, if you want government contractors to show their political contributions, fine. But don’t have political contributions considered in the RFP because it is simply another piece of work. And this is coming from a big transparency advocate.

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