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    Adam Arthur
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    Hi Everyone – Please share your specific feedback here. Thanks!

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    GovLoop is all grown up! This is a fantastic, and much needed, upgrade to the Government’s foremost social network. It has always amazed me that social media links people together all over the world with ease, the user interfaces are often times difficult to navigate/understand. So, thank you GovLoop for making the site easier to use.


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    I just put most of these comments under Steve’s blog about “The New New GovLoop” but realized that they might be more appropriate here. The partner approach makes a lot of sense. In the “maybe it’s just me” category, on the home page it seems like there’s too much white, I’m finding that my eyes are having a hard time knowing where to focus. I also miss seeing what the latest Forum discussions are with the author, number of replies, and latest response. I have a tendency to vet on some of these factors and now I’m not sure I want to click on any… maybe I’ll just focus on the featured discussions, but then it seems like a lot of the others may just get neglected.

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    Adam Arthur

    It may take some getting used to, but it is a more typical look of new media-type sites. I can see why you would miss some things, but I’ve heard arguments that it was waaay to busy before. I guess it is impossible to get it right for everyone. 🙂

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    Adam Arthur


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    Teri Centner

    I like the Hot Topics area, but I couldn’t figure out a way to search with a topic (Acquisition, to be specific). Also, once I got into the topic, many of the links didn’t work. It also took me a minute to realize that the back button wouldn’t get me back to GovLoop’s top page and that I had to just close the new tab that had opened.

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