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    Scott Horvath

    I’m caveating this with I have absolutely no medical degree or inkling of medical authority. Nor have I done any research…this is something that I would ask on Twitter but wanted more room to expound upon. A purely random thought.

    Has anyone thought about or considered if heat mapping tools, used on websites to track user behavior, could potentially be used to perform pre-diagnosis of the degrading of brain health? Sounds a little crazy, I’m sure, but think about it for a second. If a heat mapping tool can track where the user is clicking, how long they’re on the page, how long they hover over a spot before clicking an action, etc then wouldn’t it be possible to capture that behavior on a routine basis and “crunch the numbers” to determine if actions and tasks are taking longer than normal? Perhaps there’s a sloping pattern in the length of time a person takes to click something while hovering over it…even though they’ve seen it many times already? Could that be an indication that things are not firing off correctly in the brain and decision-making is not happening as fast?

    Clearly there’s a lot of issues that would have to be addressed from a scientific perspective. For one, you’d have to have a page/site that was built specifically to measure key cognitive testing tasks. You also wouldn’t be able to change the page, ever…otherwise your baseline measurement of that person would be lost. Also, there’s some privacy issues and other disclaimer one would have to agree to from a medical use perspective. But none of those are impossible to overcome.

    Do you think it’s possible that heat mapping tools could be used as a pre-diagnosis of brain health? Even if it’s only used to provide awareness to a potential concern and to then seek out their doctor…is it possible? If so, why hasn’t anyone built it? And if they have, well then maybe this discussion is all for not.

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