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    Stephen Peteritas

    The Obama Administration wants to create government problem solving networks. This is a good step forward but I wonder how to go about doing it.

    Would it be better to just make one giant super problem solving group or would it be best to have agencies have their own group and focus in a little more.

    There are pros and cons to both ideas just off the top of my head. A big network bring more minds to one spot to collaborate and often times solutions will span a few agencies but could people and smaller issues get lost in the shuffle? In the smaller problem solving network I think things could get done more efficiently until there was grand issue that crossed between a few of the networks. Also smaller networks could potentially breed a feeling the agencies being separate rather then seeing themselves as the same team.

    Anyways here’s the short article that got me thinking:

    You thoughts are very welcome.

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    Henry Brown

    would offer that PERHAPS MAYBE an example of this would be FDA standing up their Safety Portal: Suspect that there may in fact be at least some “overwrap” between FDA and others; FSIS and FTC come to mind.

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