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    Steve Ressler

    Passed on from a friend

    We have an opening for a Program Specialist (GS-12-13-14) in the Center for
    Program Planning and Results (CPPR) at Department of Labor. Please see the
    links below and let me know if you have any questions. The office is pretty
    fast paced and, right now, on the forefront of changing how the DOL “doesâ€
    performance measurement.

    Plans and conducts complex strategic and performance planning projects of major
    significance related to performance measurement.

    Develops new and analyze existing quantitative performance measures that gauge
    and report progress toward the achievement of outcome goals for DOL programs.

    Plays an important role in the Department’s compliance with the Government
    Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and Office of Management and Budget
    requirements for GPRA implementation and associated activities.

    Conceptualizes and defines the requirements and procedures necessary for the
    Department and its constituent agencies to meet GPRA, OMB and Departmental
    criteria for an effective program of strategic and performance planning.

    Determines the factors to be considered in the formulation of Departmental
    policies and guidance related to the development of five year strategic plans
    and annual performance plans for the Department and its agencies.

    Analyzes and interprets studies and reports from experts in the field of
    strategic and performance planning; makes presentations of findings and
    conclusions to higher-level policy-making and management officials, and provides
    expert advice and expertise in the areas studied.

    Works with program officials in developing strategic goals, performance goals
    and performance measures.

    Serves as a key advisor to the Director of the Office of Performance Planning,
    the Center Director and Deputy Assistant Secretary on matters pertaining to the
    conduct of short and long-range planning and measurement, and strategic planning
    analysis and improvement activities.

    Participates in intra-Agency and intra-Departmental efforts in executing both
    quick-reaction and in-depth special analyses and evaluations of Federal
    performance-related initiatives and GPRA requirements.

    Conceptualizes, develops, and executes study plans.

    Provides technical program analysis and guidance; (b) assures technical accuracy
    of products; (c) writes and coordinates results; (d) provides oral and written
    in-progress reports; and (e) organizes and presents briefings to DOL-wide
    executive staff.

    Recommends the need for special or one-time intra-Departmental projects.

    Assures the development of: (1) resulting recommendations and action items for
    review by Departmental executives and, (2) technical memoranda and guidelines
    for use by other DOL-wide offices.

    Represents the Departmental in a variety of inter-Departmental projects.

    Plans, develops, directs, and assures the implementation of an integrated
    operational and long-range planning and budgeting process.

    Shares with the senior and executive staff in policy development, Departmental
    program and resource planning, and formulation of program goals and measures to
    ensure a comprehensive, integrated, achievable, and results-oriented
    Departmental program.

    Participates with and advises the executive staff and program managers in
    planning, implementing, and assessing DOL-wide programs of strategic planning.

    Serves as advisor to executive staff on matters related to the synergistic
    effects of DOL-wide, OMB, and congressional decisions on the Departmental
    budget, resources, and execution/implementation of program requirements.

    Analyzes program and Departmental plans and policies.

    Develops and recommends policies and operational guidance related to the
    Department’s strategic and performance planning and reporting program.

    Establishes and maintains liaison with agencies on matters relating to their
    strategic and performance goals, measures and initiatives.

    Establishes performance and reporting procedures and standards, and prepares and
    coordinates the input and responses to the Assistant Secretary’s calls for
    strategic plans, annual performance plans, performance assessments and reports.

    Serves as a Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative on program

    Develops statements of work for program evaluations.

    Delegated Examining (Public)

    Merit Staffing (Federal Status)

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