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    Sam Allgood
    GovLoop continues to be an amazing community and steadily growing. While I have not been involved in very actively promoting GovLoop among peers, I do occasionally find ways to do so passively and thought I would share these in order to:
    1) stimulate others to think about using their opportunities to also ‘share the wealth’, and
    2) ask others to share their experiences or ideas for reaching out.

    I have just taken the opportunity for the second time in about 3 weeks to invite someone to join GovLoop that did not occur as a result of me thinking about people I could invite, but as a result of work interactions with people I have never met. The first was a consultant on web content who’s ezine I subscribe to and often quote here on GovLoop. He requests notification when re-posted, so the last time I did so, I told him more about GovLoop and sent him an invite … unfortunately, I haven’t seen him join yet. Still hoping he does because he should be a great contributor.

    The second was someone promoting an upcoming summit on government performance that I am not as familiar with. I checked to see if he was already a member and when I found that he was not. I replied to his invitation and let him know about GovLoop, to include the several discussions I had recently seen here on on government performance. I also offered to promote the event here if he didn’t join.
    So, what are your experience and ideas?
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    Adriel Hampton

    One of the values I promote is that it’s a place where you can do collaborate on specific work while cross-pollinating with and being inspired by other innovators and doers. It’s amazing that we have so much activity around core and longstanding government functions like HR and purchasing as well as the social media/tech disciplines – I don’t think you can find that kind of diversity anywhere else.

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    Sam Allgood

    Some people are way more responsive than others … my 2nd invitee had joined before I even completed posting this 🙂

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    Just got off the phone with renaissance man Adam Arthur, who does our Weekly Polls and created the sweet GovLoop logo/button (great passive promotion on the web). He said he’s created some GovLoop wallpaper that people could use for their work station that he’s going to share with me soon. Great way of simply promoting a site you like and opening up the opp for people to walk by, see it and ask, “Hey, what’s that?”

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    Sam Allgood

    I guess a linked icon on our email signature blocks would be another good way.

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