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    Elisa O’Halloran

    Hi, My name is Elisa and I have worked in the private sector, in the communications and public affairs field for 13 years. I recently worked at Fannie Mae, until I lost my job in January. I luckily am working as as short term consultant (contract job) at The World Bank. I am very interested in working as a Public Affairs Specialist, Communications Specialist or Program Manager (if the position has some marketing, communications aspect to it).

    I am interested in networking and meeting new people to perhaps have informational interviews and learn more about working in the federal government.

    If anyone has any networking leads or positions I should look at, please let me know. Thank you so much for your kind attention and help.

    All the best,
    Elisa O’Halloran

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    Hi, Elisa. I am a colonel in the US Army and I have been doing public affairs for about 15 years now. I can assure you that the Department of the Army is always looking for high-quality public affairs people. Networking is key. The various commands throughout the Army have public affairs staffs and there are plenty of job opportunities, but with so many people applying, word of mouth usually wins the day. Thus, I would encourage you to try to get to know Army and DOD public affairs officers and civilians who could possibly steer you to job openings. If you are located in the Washington, DC area, there are numerous opportunities to do this, especailly during conferences that occur around the year.

    Col. Tom Collins
    US Army Forces Command, Atlanta, GA

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    Elisa O’Halloran

    Hi Tom,

    You have an amazing job. I will look for opportunities in the Army. Thank you so much for taking your time to write me back. I greatly appreciate your good advice. I will try to see if I can meet anyone in the DC area! I will look for conferences and other networking opportunities.

    Thank you so much!


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    Greg Perry

    Best place to find Federal jobs :

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    Elisa O’Halloran

    Thank you Greg!

    I wish there was an easier way, but I hope that I will be successful.



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    Elisa O’Halloran


    My name is Elisa O’Halloran and I have been working at The US Department of the Treasury, CDFI Fund for the past 14 months. I really enjoy my job as a Public Affairs Specialist. I am a TERM employee, so I am looking for a permanent position in the government. I have applied for a few jobs on USAJOBs, but never get past the – you are very qualified, but your resume is not going to the next level. Does anyone have any resume advice? Thank you so much, Elisa

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