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    I am reinstatement eligible and recently interviewed for a federal job, however this interview was unlike ANY I have ever had. First I was sent an email asking me to verify if I wanted to interview via the telephone the next day (less than 24 hours notice) and to reply or my interview slot would be cancelled. I replied to the email and called to interview the next day.
    When I called, the individual stated they didn’t get my reply but that they still had my slot and I was able to interview during my time with the panel. I was interviewed with the panel and asked questions from a scripted list. The interview last around 15-20 minutes. During the interview they asked some questions off script for clarification and in order to understand better understand my experience. I was able to ask questions after and felt pretty good about the interview.
    My concerns though are the following: Why would anyone send an email for a federal job interview with less than 24 hours notice? Even though it was over the phone, I have never had this happen. I am thinking that they have someone else in mind and are just going through the steps of interviewing just to say they did it.
    Any insight?

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    Trying to draw any conclusions from the Federal Job applications process is a futile effort and not useful. There are so many things that could have contributed to the events you described. Some people in the public have the impression that government workers have a cushy job and plenty of time to do everything properly. Are there people in those situations?, yes. Are those the people really keeping everything running? No! Many times the hiring officials and interviewers have too much on their plate and can come across as scatter brained or incompetent. Many times it can be because they are doing the job of two or three people or people are on leave or there are too many vacancies in their shop or their own HR people give them the run-around. The list goes on. You should not focus on why things happen the way they do in an individual hiring action but make sure you are as prepared as possible. If you apply for a Federal Job you should monitor your application status in USAJOBS. If referred to the selecting official you should monitor the email address you put on your resume. One day notice for a phone interview is common. Be ready for it. Your job is to be as ready as possible to jump through the next hoop, not ask why the hoop is there. There are a hundred other applicants that are happy to take your place so don’t take anything personal and be ready for the next step. I wrote an article on how to be prepared for the interview BEFORE you get referred.

    How To Prepare For A Federal Government Interview

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