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    Dr D.C.Misra

    E-mail has often been described as the killer app of the Web and rightly so. To-day we cannot imagine life without e-mail. Billions of messages are being exchanged every day including the pain in the neck called spam. The question is: who invented the e-mail and when? The winner will be the judge for the next question.

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    Cole Cheever

    In 1971, Ray Tomlinson was developing the TENEX operating system that featured local “emailing” programs such as SNDMSG and READMAIL that allowed him to copy files over the network and send them to his colleagues.

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    Dr D.C.Misra

    Hi, Cole. Congratulations. You get 10 out of 10, perfect answer.

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    Being winner of last week’s question, you qualify to become judge
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    Thanks again for your participation.

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