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    Bill Brantley

    This is rather old news for those who read the Cluetrain Manifesto but marketers are embracing the new social marketing and especially the idea that conversation matters. Is anyone else concerned that the rise of the “marketing relationship” will somehow damage authentic relationships? I fear that people will grow tired of being manipulated on such a personal level and see any type of engagement as a threat. This could be a serious issue to government efforts in engaging the public.

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    As long as we’re all “personal brands”, we’ll be marketing ourselves…

    But the best “brands” will understand that they build trust and loyalty by being real, human and imperfect while the rest of the canned, over-produced marketing content and auto-feeds will just be noise.

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    Bill Brantley

    @Andrew – I see your point. There is nothing new about personal branding and I fully appreciate how that can be a help. My issue is with organizations that strike up conversations in order to mine people for marketing information. Companies have been doing that formally with questionnaires and focus groups but there is an understanding among the parties that this is a business relationship. Even in personal networking business associates realize the boundaries between personal and business.

    What I grow tired of is when people try to erase the borders. For example, I had a friend who became a real estate agent. After she gained her license every conversation with her felt like a sales pitch to buy a house and I eventually just cut off contact with her. An extreme example but I fear this may become more common as we increase our activities in online social networking and its spillover into our offline social lives.

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