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    REALPOLITECH is seeking three new members to join its team to work on a three-month contract gig building out the JobScout platform in conjunction with the California State Library.

    Positions may lead to longer engagement. You must be located in San Francisco and have access to transportation (public or otherwise).

    We are also looking for interns to work in these three areas (see below), so please feel free to apply for internships as well.

    About Our Firm

    REALPOLITECH is a digital public relations and web strategy consultancy. The firm focuses on the development of customizable, interactive campaigns and websites for dynamic public and private sector projects. Through web development and real-time and social digital public relations solutions, REALPOLITECH recruits participants, creating the most valuable asset for any business or cause: digital citizens.

    About Who We Are Hiring

    We are looking for people who want to be innovative and make an impact with a huge public technology project. There will be long days, all nighters and some hectic times, but we want people dedicated to building cool things and sharing them with the masses.

    The leadership team will expect 150%, so if you are up for the challenge, this is for you. If you are just looking to fill a gap in employment and not potentially be a part of our team long-term, this probably won’t be a good fit.

    So what about you? You have a good sense of humor, enjoy big picture conversations, like white boards and planning and are all over using the tools of the web. You can work on your own without constant reminders, develop and execute strategy and care about social entrepreneurship.

    Available Positions

    Content Developer

    We are looking for a Content Developer to work on developing the lesson content for the JobScout platform. We are open to a variety of applicants to this position, ideally teachers and/or Master’s and Ph.D. students in the education fields.

    You should:

    • Have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree (in progress is acceptable for advanced degrees), preferably in an education-related field;
    • Be proficient in programs such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint (We hope you are an Apple user);
    • Possess strong oral and written communication skills; and
    • Be passionate about teaching and creating an interactive learning environment.

    Previous experience developing content is a plus. This position is pretty open-ended at this point, but you also need to be technology proficient since you will be managing the back-end of the platform in terms of content.

    Web Developer

    We are looking with someone to work with our CTO to design a custom social network and build games to complement the lesson content for the JobScout platform.


    • Play games in some capacity (iOS, XBOX, chess in the park, whatever);
    • Know how to use the Adobe Suite of tools (Illustrator, Photoshop);
    • Can work to create custom content management systems; and
    • Can build websites and web apps using HTML + CSS/JavaScript and PHP/MySQL.

    Please send your portfolio and three references for review.

    For All Positions

    To apply, please email a cover letter, resume and any demonstration of work you have done relevant to the position to [email protected].

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