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    What are the reasons for you to decide to leave or to stay with your current organization? What are organizational and cultural factors you are looking for from a potential employer? What will be the most crucial motivational factor for you?

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    Ami Wazlawik

    I’m fairly new to the working world, having recently completed graduate education (and done my share of admin/intern work). I’m currently seeking employment as my gig here at GovLoop is up soon, so this post comes at a great time.

    Thus far in my job search, I’ve been looking for a few things, though they’re not all easily assessed without actually working at an organization. I want to work for an organization where open, honest communication (and feedback) are not only welcomed, but practiced on a regular basis. I dislike the “gossip” that happens at many workplaces, regardless of the fact that it may be helpful/more advisable than talking to someone directly. It undermines relationships and can make trusting others (coworkers, etc) an issue.

    I’m also looking for some sort of social/fun activities for employees, not necessarily planned by the organization, but not discouraged either. These activities can spark interaction between folks who may not work together on a regular basis, facilitate relationship-building between coworkers, and help keep morale high.

    I’m sure my list will grow and change as I gain more experience applying and interviewing for jobs, and actively participating in the workforce..

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