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    Latonia Diaz

    Hello All !!!

    My name is Latonia Diaz and I’am a Contact Representative with the Internal Revenue Service~ Chamblee, GA location. I enjoy assisting individual taxpayers, however I have aspirations of becoming a Revenue Agent. I posses a Bachelors degree with a focus in Accounting and has been diligently applying on USAJOBS with each application resulting in ineligible. I know I don’t have the in grade time but I figured I would qualify based on education. Can someone give me some insight on how to land a RA position?? Do I need to go back for the MBA? Or are there any positions that I can apply to that would ultimately qualify me for a RA position?

    Thx in advance 🙂

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    Peggy Nypaver

    Hi Latonia,

    I would definitely contact the contact person for the internal announcement that you applied and ask for the reason you were deemed ineligible. If you do not qualify through internal announcements, you might want to consider applying externally. Those that apply externally are required to take an online assessment – they are placed in quality categories (e.g., A,B,C). If you apply externally, you should meet minimal qualifications as long as you have a degree in accounting OR a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 24 semester hour of accounting, including principles, intermediate, advanced, cost and auditing (and at least 6 semester of other business-related coursework). Without specialized experience, the grade level you qualify for will depend on your GPA – below 3.0 – GS-5;and 3.0 or better – GS-7. Those with a Master’s degree in a related field (e.g., accounting/MBA), qualify at the GS-9 grade level. The career ladder for Revenue Agent is GS-11, which means you enter at the level you qualify and advance up to grade level 11 without further competition (with satisfactory work performance). Then agents can competitively advance for GS-12 & 13 positions with all divisions – and GS-14 positions with Large Business & International (LB&I) and Tax Exempt/Government Entities (TE/GE) divisions.

    Most of our external vacancy announcements for Revenue Agent were postponed or canceled this fiscal year. As soon as we get the funding, we should be filling many vacancies for Revenue Agent. You might want to contact the local IRS recruiter for GA – send me an email and I will forward his contact information to you. Also feel free, to let me know if you have any questions! Good luck!

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