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    Chris IRS Recruiter

    Facebook games like Farmville and Vampire Wars are a popular way to waste time, but Marriott has found an interesting use for social media games –recruiting new employees.

    The My Marriott Hotel game is designed to give potential applicants a realistic idea of the demands and challenges of running a hotel. Think of it as a “try it on before you buy” approach. Gamers first manage a virtual hotel restaurant before moving up to more advanced hotel operations.

    Do you think this concept could work for government recruitment, or is it just another silly waste of time?

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    John Bersentes

    Great post Julie,

    I managed to pry my 10 year old off of Yoville long enough to upload this case study from Loreal I think you will find interesting. There are a number of larger examples out there like America’s Army Game, or even in-gaming advertising to support but as National Defense University and the work coming out of the Federal Consortium for Virutal Worlds has shown us is that “serious games” are here to stay. More agencies should look for ways to engage younger audiences and role play scenarios are a great way to engage in classrooms as well as on-campus outreach. Certainly IRS has had some experience in taking the next step in making games a part of your web strategy, but I believe the cost of poker has come down with some of the syndicated gaming networks and for recruitment communications we should strive to move beyond simple ad placements but move to how best to make learning, and assesments fun and entertaining.

    Beyond just an engagement tool, there is certainly merit based on the fact that games can keep your careers website sticky. Keep visitors coming back, and help to drive growth of both passive and active candidates to opt-in to your social ecosystem. As more folks look how to kick start a social media strategies games can be a great way to drive adoption and awareness of your mission, opportunities, and programs.

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    Chris IRS Recruiter

    Thanks for the info John. 🙂

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    Donna Jo

    We were having a talk on this subject last week

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    Shannon Kennedy

    Very interesting! You never know! I hadn’t heard about the My Marriot Hotel, but that is seriously cool!

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    As a manager, I really like this concept. I want to hire people who are interested and engaged in the work to be done.

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    I don’t have time to play games nor do I want to. I am on the computer all day and when I get home the last thing I want to do is go back on it. So I think it is unfair to want to recruit or see if a person has the ability to do a certain job on the way a person can navigate thru a “work” game, and in fact count as to whether or not one should be hired….. that is just not right…. what happened to the resume, years of experience, busting one’s butt on the job… just not right I tell ya!!!!

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    Richelle Koffman

    During one of my senior seminar classes for business we were required to play a simulation game where we managed an athletic shoe company and we had weekly decisions to make for our company be it distribution, celebrity endorsements, using recycled materials, charity contributions, outsourcing, and several other decision factors. This game taught me a lot of how to use the teachings I learned in school to a “real life” situation. Sure there was an Excel formula behind every decision, but the point was showing how to run an international company. We would compete against other classes and it became fairly competitive between the groups on who’s strategy was the best. As a marketing student, I learned so much about accounting and management from this simulation that I had not learned in the classroom and when the simulation ended, I was disappointed. I’ve played other simulation games like the Sims, Vampire Wars but this was a simulation game that added value and I think that it was a great resource. It shows that there are several different approaches to a problem and some are better than others. From a business point of view, it’s better to make mistakes in business than it is to do so in reality.

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    Carl Webb

    Employee training videos are so yesterday. Marriott Hotels has made a Facebook game, titled My Marriott, that’s said to release this week with the

    Marriott Jobs and Careers – Find Your World | Facebook … The Ritz-Carlton HotelCompany, L.L.C. ·

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    George Su

    I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now myself. I’m looking into developing one for the park service, but just need to figure out how to package it correctly. We were looking to use it help reinforce the park’s mission to preserve and protect while looking into the possibility of allowing users to donate funds to expand their characters through our cooperative association. I’ve been trying to convince our management the opportunities available to also generate revenue through our cooperative association to support our endeavors in exploring social media and emerging technologies.

    Ironically, I was originally going to school to become a video game designer, so I guess I’m still coming up with new concepts to reach out to new targeted audiences. Now, I just need to find someone who’s willing to listen and allow me to implement a pilot project for the park.

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