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    Chris IRS Recruiter

    I recently read Five Bad Interview Answers to Avoid. The article gives some good tips to keep interviewees from embarrassing themselves and it got me thinking; at some point during our professional lives we’ve all given some serious thought to interview questions and answers.

    As interviewees we’ve thought about the types of questions we might be asked and tried to come up with thoughtful unique responses that would make us stand out and help us land that job we really want.

    Good interviewers think about questions that will give them a good idea what talents the interviewee would bring to a team and what makes them tick.

    No matter how much we prepare and practice for interviews, odds are we’ve all had a moment we wish we could do over; when you answer a question and as the answer leaves your lips you think – did I really just say that?

    What is the strangest answer you’ve ever heard or given during an interview?

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    Alicia Mazzara

    I remember doing an interview with a candidate whose resume indicated that they ran their own tennis raquet stringing business (this was for an entry-level position and this person was straight out of college with no real work experience). When we asked about the business, the candidate admitted that the “business” amounted to attending junior tennis tournaments and charging outrageous fees to stage parents who thought their 10 year old was going to be the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams. The candidate seemed rather proud of this profit model. Needless to say, the interview only went downhill from there.

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