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    Chris IRS Recruiter

    National Mentoring Month was started in 2002 by the Harvard School of Public Health. Its primary purpose is to draw attention to the positive impact a mentor can have on a young person.

    A mentor is defined as a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

    No matter our age – if you stop and think about it – odds are we’ve all benefited from some type of mentoring in our lives. Personal or professional, formal or informal, family member or friend, there are many kinds of mentors, and some people may even have more than one.

    In honor of National Mentoring Month, tell us about a mentor or mentoring experience that has had an impact on you?

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    Frank Stipe

    Over the last three years I have been mentoring college students in our IRS intern programs. What a joy it is to help them see a bigger life and career picture. We have long talks about their plans for the future and we explore together ways to make those plans come true. I work with them inside the Second Life virtual world so we can connect from anywhere in the country. Both of us learn from each other. Although I am a recruiter for the IRS, we explore career options across public service. The result is that they have a bigger picture of where they can use their education and experience. And the bonus is that I am able to provide better career guidance to all of my recruitment contacts.

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