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    Chris IRS Recruiter

    Yesterday as I was coming into the building I noticed a number of unfamiliar faces in the hallways. At first I didn’t really think much of it. After all, it was Monday and I hadn’t had my morning caffeine – maybe it was all in my imagination? As I greeted our intern program manager it occurred to me this wasn’t just another mundane Monday – it was summer intern on-boarding day.

    Our intern program manager truly believes in making our students’ experiences meaningful and mutually beneficial for everyone involved. From guiding managers though the selection process, to personally meeting every intern and helping make sure they’re involved and engaged on day one, no detail is too small.

    How does your agency or company make internships meaningful? If you’re an intern, tell us about your favorite internship experience.

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    Julie Chase

    Uncle Sam’s intern program has been eliminated. FCIP is no longer. A new program called Pathways will be another 6-8 months to process. A group of veterans are already starting legal documents to stop it before it starts. So no, interns are gone in DoD.

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    Steve Ressler

    For summer interns when I was at DHS OIG we tried to take them on field trips like to Capitol Hill and DHS HQ. I think field trips are an essential key to making useful.

    When I was an intern at SSA, one of my tasks was to complete a single paper w/ my boss (in addition to my other tasks). I liked that approach – daily work and then one thing that I was in full control of

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    Chris IRS Recruiter

    Thanks for your reply Julie. The intent of this discussion was to get people talking about ways to make internships fun and meaningful. In one of our previous posts, we actually discussed the FCIP: Recruiting without the FCIP

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    Julie Chase

    I see. Sorry to step on toes. Guess I missed the boat on that one. I believe it will be difficult at best to work to make internships fun and meaningful, if a group of vets out there is going to court as we type to make sure it doesn’t happen. The 411 Chatter outside the loop is, they are going to fight in court to stop any/all intern programs.

    On topic. When we had the intern program, along with the summer interns most of which were high school age, our training dept worked hand in hand with our local HR to aquaint the students with the installation and it’s mission, to support the warfighter. During this training period the students had crash courses in filling out forms and why they were necessary. Each dept that hired students mentored them through the first full work week. That helped alot. It is difficult at best to walk into a job not knowing a soul or what your are going to be doing, if the newbie didn’t have a mentor.

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