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    Chris IRS Recruiter

    I recently read an article titled Top 50 Cities for Job Hunters. The list in the article focused total job posting per city which got me thinking what the top cities are for wannabe govies to find jobs?
    I cut the list down to the top 10 cities and compared it to Career Pro Global’s list of the 10 best cities to find a gov gig.

    What do you think – any surprises on the list? Where does your city rank?

    All Jobs
    1. San Jose, CA
    2. Washington, DC
    3. Baltimore, MD
    4. San Francisco, CA
    5. Charlotte, NC
    6. Boston, MA
    7. Cleveland, OH
    8. Seattle, WA
    9. Hartford, CT
    10. Austin, TX

    Government Jobs
    1. Washington, DC
    # 2 on All Jobs list
    2. San Antonio, TX
    # 34 on All Jobs list
    3. Atlanta, GA
    # 12 on All Jobs list
    4. Philadelphia, PA
    # 30 on All Jobs list
    5. New York, NY
    # 42 on All Jobs list
    6. Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
    # 20 on All Jobs list
    7. Baltimore, MD
    # 3 on All Jobs list
    8. Tampa, FL
    # 22 on All Jobs list
    9. Chicago, IL
    # 40 on All Jobs list
    10. Los Angeles, CA
    # 46 on All Jobs list

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    Kathy Foster-Sandru

    I am somewhat surprised about learning Hartford, CT was listed as one of the top places. I am originally from Hartford, and even though I currently reside in New Jersey, I have family and friends in the Greater Hartford area. Actually, since I am not having too much success in securing a job in NJ, I am expanding my search in the Hartford area. I guess the challenge now would be for a recruiter to know that I am interested and can work in the area.

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    Andy Noble

    Thank you Julie for the info!

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