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    Robert Deitz II

    Unfortunately this memorial day I was on travel. It is the first time in my 6 year olds life daddy did not take him to the local memorial day ceramony in Placerville, CA. I will not do that again. It is shocking to me that there are people who would be surprised or maddened if they saved a life, in a life threatening situation, and that person was indifferent to them. Yet those same people would do the same by going on a picnic or to the beach on memorial day without taking the time to show up to a rememberance ceramony. But in reality there are many, manybe most who do. So that leaves it up to those who do remember to make up for them. Life is not fair, and those that died would all probably do it again. But the few need to remember for the most who do not. I am making sure my 6 year old son knows exactly why he can play and go on field trips without someone kicking in our door in the middle of the night. I made a decision to travel to attend some important meetings – but am sorry I did it. Next year I will be at the local Memorial Day ceramony in my town with my son.

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