Remember the lean times during the Clinton years? They are coming back worse than ever!

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    Thank goodness I am retired and now operating my own firm, but as a former fed, it wasn’t a happy time. When Clinton and Gore took over, they had to make some hard decisions fast as to how to lean down the government, cut expenditures, and slash the CS workforce. There was no money for construction, rennovation, training, travel, etc…and the budget was only running about a trillion in debt! Wow, in the next couple months the national debt will be 17 trillion!!!

    So, if YOU are a federal employee and love your job, you had better really love your job and do a superb job. Not just a good job, or an average job, but walk on water, because baby if you don’t you will be looked at to get rid of, downsize, or OMB Circular A76 you right out of the government. Further, you will not be going to any training, or on travel unless it is urgent, nor will you be given any promotion unless there is nobody else to fill that promotional need. Sound bleak? You have no idea of what is coming for you all–this is REGARDLESS of who gets elected President.

    The next President and Congress will have some very hard decisions to make real fast in the first 100 days of office, and if they don’t we all could end up losing our currency, and the value of whatever we have left in our little piggy banks. That money in your TSP, 401K, bank account will become worth zero overnight if things don’t change fast.

    So you want to say in the Government? You might want to retire. Think about it folks, and feel free to chime in with your views. I was there, and I have seen history.

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