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    David B. Grinberg

    • Any thoughts on the results of Telework Week 2014 per this infographic containing data from the Mobile Work Exchange?

    Infographic may also be viewed here if unclear below…

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    Thanks for posting this data, David. I don’t have past numbers handy right now, but, if I remember correctly, they are improving. Like many programs in the federal government, they start off slow and gain momentum after several years. You may remember that I pointed out some very specific performance-appraisal data in an earlier post. For those who missed that thread, I have been teleworking full-time for four years. In each of those years, I earned a 4/5 in my performance appraisal. Before full-time telework, I usually got a 3. We have four data elements here while teleworking, and statisticians call that a trend. Leaders like to see positive and productive trends. It would be interesting to see whether OPM will conduct a data call of the agencies and share some data like that. Perhaps OMB might share that data after a data call. I would be interesting in combing through those numbers. Wouldn’t you? What does everyone else think? Thank you for the opportunity to chime in on this. Keep up the good work, David. You pose thought-provoking questions.

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    David B. Grinberg

    Thanks so much for sharing your valuable insights, Ted. You raise an interesting question about the collection and analysis of telework performance appraisal data gov-wide. I agree that it would be worthwhile to collect and assess such data based upon an acute cost-benefit analysis. Perhaps it will occur one of these days when remote work becomes an integral part of the new virtual workplace. Time will tell, but it makes sense to me. Thanks again for chiming in, kind sir!

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