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    Meyer Moldeven

    Ref: SCIENCEyes””> ArialMT””>text-underline:none””>Robots at Work14.0pt””> Advances in

    The NewYork Times 9/5/10 Science article ‘The
    Boss Is Robotic, and Rolling Up Behind You.’yes””> at:

    [NYT] (Fair use)
    years, the military and law enforcement agencies have used specialized robots
    to disarm bombs and carry out other dangerous missions. This summer, such
    systems helped seal a BP well a mile below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.
    Now, with rapidly falling costs, the next frontiers are the office, the
    hospital and the home.’ [add
    ‘industry’ M]

    My comment is at the top of first RSS

    .5pt””>Quote: MMoldeven, San
    Diego Question:
    Can ‘robotics’ include a device and program that can be applied to ‘corrective
    actions,’ an essential planning requirement in manufacturing and elsewhere
    throughout industry in both the private sector and government? Tens of millions
    of dollars and lives would be saved.


    .5pt””>Ref: ‘unquote


    P.S. Above cited ‘public domain’ blog needs
    updating and formal oversight and recognition by the SBA or more appropriate agency and if the results so
    deserve, passed widely along to where the technology applies, especially to
    small businesses, high schools and wherever youth and young adults are
    preparing for careers in trades and industrial management.


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