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    Steve Ressler

    With telework, laptops, and smart phones, even when you are off for a natural disaster, often you are on. Checking email, responding to issues, and coordinating teams.

    So tell me –

    Did You Work From Home Despite the Storm? How do you stay engaged with your team during the storm?

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    David Dejewski

    I worked from home. 🙂 I kept in touch via the phone and VOIP as usual. Bandwidth was awesome with DC closed down.

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    William Lim

    No power both at home and office for days. Physically back in the office now that it has power but still no power at home. Even if I had set up a telework solution before the storm and found power for my laptop, the blackout affecting my office meant I couldn’t log in to my email servers or GoToMyPC.

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    David B. Grinberg

    Yes, I was able to work remotely on both days the govt was shut down. I think Joe Davidson of the Washington Post penned a must-read column on this topic:

    About a third of DC-area Feds telework during storms

    “Despite the storm that has closed government offices along the East Coast, stopped transit systems and forced residents to remain hunkered down in their homes, some work of the government continues to get done. A good chunk of employees are working while their colleagues have the day off.

    But according to OPM’s latest annual ‘Status of Telework in the Federal Government’ report to Congress, issued in June, less than 8 percent of federal employees telework regularly. If so many employees can telework when storms close offices in D.C., why don’t more telework on a regular basis?

    OPM’s report cites ‘management resistance’ as the primary barrier to teleworking, closely followed by technology. But if technology is such an important barrier, how can such a significant percentage of federal workers in the D.C. area telework during storms?”


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