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    Hello fellow govloopers – I work for Arlington County and one of the reasons I was very attracted to working there was their incredible benefits, including tuition reimbursement. However, this fiscal cycle they have suspended tuition reimbursement. This happens to coincide with me getting into the School of Public Policy at GMU so I am a bit sad.

    I am now interested in finding out what type of scholarships or other funding I may be eligible for. I have submitted a FAFSA and hope to hear soon about loan possibilities, but I’m wondering what other options there are.

    A few facts:
    I will continue to work full time for Arlington County while attending grad school.
    I will be in the Organizational Development and Knowledge Management Program.
    I have a few affiliations in terms of being an AmeriCorps Alum and JMU alum.

    Any suggestions would be great!

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    Steve Ressler

    Couple thoughts-

    I helped co-founder Young Gov’t Leaders and I know we are launching a scholarship program soon.

    Some of the other gov’t associations have scholarships as well. I’d check some of OD and KM groups.

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