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    Hey All,

    Well, after nearly 18 months of being kept in the dark from HR, we were officially downgraded from a GS9 to a GS6. You know, “it’ll never happen, they can’t drop you that far”….well, they did. Shocking at best, we can’t attract enough people at a GS 9 paygrade, what do they think is going to happen now?

    It is being contested by the union now, seems they realized if it can happen to us, it could happen to them, so now they’re on board. We pay nearly $50.00 a mo in dues, CBP pays their union 15.00 a month, hmmmm, eh? You’re talking about a position that requires a secret clearance that is updated every 5 yrs to the tune of #3K per employee, along with 24/7 coverage, holidays, weekends. One sector even requires you, (for the same $), to act as dispatchers for the local county sheriffs’ office, amazing is the only word that comes to mind.

    Our congressman when contacted, said he had no clue what was happening and that DHS is one of the few federal agencies that has no “funding issues”, so there should be no reason for this to be happening. Our GS8 upgrade several years ago was done through OPM, properly documented and researched, in fact the OPM rep that went to the field to ascertain this was quoted as saying, “this position should be upgraded to a 9/11 right now as they do far more than we ever suspected”.

    So, there ya go! At this point our pay (if you are now a GS9) is frozen, plus our competitiveness for GS11 positions is dead. If you were a GS7, then that’s as far as you’re ever going to get. Seems a class action suit is right around the corner as they didn’t grandfather anyone in. Basically unfair labor practices.

    Thoughts anyone?


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