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    From Dark Reading:

    Tackling Enterprise Threats From The Internet Of Things

    With all of the sensational stories about baby monitors being taken over by remote intruders and SCADA systems perennially vulnerable to potentially disastrous flaws, it’s easy to forget that insecurity in the Internet of Things isn’t just relegated to consumer devices and critical infrastructure.

    The ever-growing fabric of smart devices with dumb security poses very real workaday risk to the average enterprise. Risk comes by way of network devices, physical security systems, instrumentation systems, and any number of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications running in enterprises today.

    In short, the Internet of Things “brings a whole new Internet of harms,” says Jeff Williams, CEO of Aspect Security.

    “Currently, most harms caused by Internet attackers cause digital harm, not physical,” he says. “But when attacks can have real-world consequences, attackers will surely find a whole new set of ways to cause harm: causing fires, overloading networks, turning off refrigeration, opening locks, blocking communications, starting alarms, suppressing alarms, cutting power, releasing chemicals, stopping cars, hiding the remote. The jump to an Internet of Things is huge, and so is the leap in security thinking that will be needed to make it safe.”

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