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    Chris IRS Recruiter

    Are you a retired or former federal government employee? What advice would you give to someone wanting to work for the Federal government?

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    Steve Ressler

    I’m a former fed (now that I run GovLoop full-time) so I guess I qualify and people ask me this question all the time

    My advice:

    -Government is a great place to work because you are tackling the toughest issues facing our country today. And the pay is better than non-profits

    -The key is to find your first job and get in.

    -Once there, do your job well, take on special assignments/ask for them, network internally, network externally (GovLoop, associations, etc).

    -You’ll soon find cool/new opportunities…make sure to follow people not organization. Find a mentor or people you respect. Cultivate those relationships.

    -And fun notes – always go to the parties (retirement, etc) as you’ll meet everyone, be the fun person at office – it’ll pay in dividends, everybody loves the candy jar person, make sure to dress 1/4 better than everyone – it matters but dont overdress either

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    Alan L. Greenberg

    Go for it! Great career. These are tough times so go through the tedious application procedures. Watch what you you post on social network sites. Prepare for your interview by knowing more than a little about the agency and what you can offer. Finally, when you get hired, read my book, Confessions of a Government Man: How to Succeed in Any Bureaucracy for some solid, albeit tongue-in-cheek, advice which will make your career soar.

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