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    Scott Primeau

    I’m not sure if my agency is behind the times or not, but we’re just starting to embark on an effort to develop customer feedback strategies. We’re looking for some successful examples, best practices, etc. We want to develop methods of gathering on-going feedback to judge performance, identify services that need to be improved, and support better decision-making.

    To that end, I hope you can help with answers to some questions.

    What methods of collecting customer feedback is your agency using? If your agency is not making a specific effort to collect feedback, why not?

    And, what has your experience been with the feedback you’ve received, the resources needed to manage the feedback, and your responses to the feedback?


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    Hey Scott – Great questions – perfect for the Citizen Engagement and Customer Service Group – maybe you can cross-post over there? I’ll place a link on the Comment Wall, but you could also re-post the discussion in full in the forums there.

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    Scott Primeau

    Thanks Andrew! Posted in the group.

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    Joan E

    We’ve started using – it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Since it is web-based, it is easy to provide links to the survey in emails, on your web site, etc. All results can be shared with managersand employees in .pdf files, and graphs are easy, plus you can download the results into an excel file for statistics and further manipulation.

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    Scott Primeau

    Hi Joan, thanks for the response. I’ve used SurveyMonkey a couple of times and it seems pretty easy and user-friendly. It’s not too expensive either.

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    Steve Ressler

    Lots of people use ForeSee Results for website feedback.

    I know TSA does surveys while you wait in line occasionally. They also give occasional people measuring cards to see how long it is getting through security

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    Scott Primeau

    Thanks Steve! ForeSee actually got in touch with me after they saw the post. They seem to be doing some very good work.

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