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    Sterling Whitehead

    The Young Acquisition Professionals (YAP) group has been launched, and we’re looking for input on our mission, vision, and objectives.

    What are your thoughts on the ideas below?


    To turn Young Acquisition Professionals into a force that creates awareness, provides training and generates connections for people who are new to the field of government contracting and acquisition.

    To create a collaborative community for the next generation of Acquisition Professionals with support from experienced Acquisition Professionals.


    – To begin promoting the contract/acquisition career field so as to expand the workforce immediately.
    – To initiate web-based training within 1 month.
    – To implement the first physical training event within 4 months.
    – To develop appropriate ties to contracting/acquisition and government membership organizations within 4 months.

    What would you do to improve the ideas? Would you like to participate?

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    Lisa Nash

    I would definitely like to participate.I guess my opinions on the mission/vission would depend on what the groups percieves to be it’s purpose.

    Do we have to be called YAP? reminds me of a little ankle biter dog. 🙂

    The mission of Young Acquisition Professionals is to leverage the wisdom and knowledge of experience to develop the next generation of purchasing professionals into a strong community that understands their worth and demonstrates their value.

    Just a thought.

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    Sterling Whitehead

    Hehe, the YAP acronym was designed to be silly. (It’s a marketing gimmick in a way since it is memorable).

    On the mission ideas, I particularly like your emphasis on “a strong community”. My thoughts are that limiting YAP to “purchasing professionals” might be exclusive since acquisition could refer to those are selling off a company or agency’s assets.


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    Lisa Nash

    Thanks – good point on the ‘purchasing’ side, my tunnel vision gets in the way sometimes. I saw another comment that I agree with – I think ‘Young’ may be a turn off to those with more years of experience.

    Also are we limiting memebership to those at the federal level? If that’s the case…so long.

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    Sterling Whitehead

    Young refers to general openness to new ideas, so all ages are welcomed. The mission attempts to clarify the age issue by saying with the support of experienced acquisition professionals. I’d like to find a way to further clarify the age issue but without changing the group name.

    I’ll also work on clarifying that all acquisitin pros are welcome, private, public, student, educator…all are welcome.

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    Tina M Borger, CPPO

    Great discussion so far. I like “Young” in the name because we do need to attract younger people to the procurement profession. We’re aging, we can’t deny that. While many have put off retirement due to the economy, when that turns, the retirements will pick up. As an experienced procurement professional (as compared to young, ha ha ha) I was attracted to the group because new workforce develoment is an interest of mine. I was also interested to see what I might be missing and what I might learn from the younger members of our profession. Count me in as one of those young thinkers!

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    Sterling Whitehead

    Thanks for responding Tina. I’m putting together a mentor-pupil program right now for Young Acquisition Professionals.

    Would you be interested in participating as a mentor?

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    Tina M Borger, CPPO

    Hi Sterling,

    Maybe, depends on the time commitment. I am heading up a major project right now.

    Can you match by government level? I might be more valuable to a state and local than a federal pupil.


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    Sterling Whitehead

    The state and local matching concept is a great idea. Sure, we can do that.

    As for the time commitment, it shouldn’t be much. It’s more of an informal program. Basically, the idea is one phone call per week and emails throughout the week.


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    Tina M Borger, CPPO

    Sure, let’s give it a try.

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