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    Bob King

    GovLoop consists of over 27,000 members now, the bulk of which are probably very comfortable operating in the online world.

    Under the Jobs tab, should we have a separate category of teleworking jobs?

    Outside of the other win-win factors associated with teleworking, imagine the money & resources that could be saved if we stopped adding more people in the greater DC metro area.

    For example, one can live pretty well, in a nice house, in Kansas on GS-12/13 pay. In DC you’re either commuting hour to 90 minutes or NOT living in a 2000+ sq. ft. house.

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    Doug Weinbrenner

    Perfect idea…especially for someone like me who does live in Kansas (City).
    I am absolutely reolved in securing a solid health comm (or other ‘comm’) federal position. Ideally I would love to stay in KC and telework, but will move to DC or ATL if necessary.
    Hopefully the feds or contractors will begin to embrace teleworking and co-working, increase productivity + innovation and decrease cost + liability. Like you said “win-win”.

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    I would think that the job announcements would list if telework is permissable. As a recruiter who lists many jobs on many boards…this would mean listing the job twice on the same website. Perhaps if there was a box to check……

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    Yes! I would love to be able to find a job easily where I can telework!

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